Hardcover Retro Style Sticker Book

$ 28.00

Inside the book are 20 hard pages with peel back sheets - so you get 40 pages to stick all of your favourite stickers to! 

This book that I've had made is JUST like the old school sticker books. The sticker pages are not regular paper, they are pages with the grooves that are somewhat tacky so you can peel stickers and replace them elsewhere on the page. It is however important to note that just like the sticker books from our childhood, some stickers are more easily removable than others. Thin paper stickers are a bit trickier to pell and re-place on but classic stickers like sandylion that have a thicker back etc. come off no problem.

* Peel back back pages

* 20 double sided pages (40 useable pages)

* 8" x 6"

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