Fairyland Pictures & Poems Book

$ 11.00

Fairies have always fascinated us, humans. They are magical, elusive, sometimes helpful, sometimes mischievous, always mysterious, and usually attractive. This shaped book gives young readers a peek into their world: the world of Fairyland. Fairyland features splendid representations of fairies painted by a number of talented artists. These illustrations are so intricate and beautiful, they are sure to enchant readers and spark their imaginations. These paintings are paired with simple poems about fairies, which will appeal to both children and parents alike. It is a foiled, die-cut book, is built to last, and is sure to be a keepsake and a mainstay on your child's bookshelf for many years to come. This book is perfect for young children who love magic and fantasy. This is a great one-of-a-kind dive into the world of fairies. Read it and then go on a fairy hunt in the garden—you never know who might be hiding in the roses!

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