Mobile | Handmade Wooden Beaded Felt Baby Mobile For Nursery Room

$ 26.00

“I know now why God gave us babies. They require constant attention, of course. They make messes and disturb the peace, but their cuteness and smiles are something the only reminder of God we have in the house.” -Ann Rinaldi  The gorgeous felt ball mobiles decor is made of Felt ball, yarn, Bamboo hoop, and wooden beads. Natural warm colors-white, pink and light brown. Both boys and girls will love this universal crib mobile. You can hang this baby mobile from the ceiling or the armrest of the crib. * Perfect Present  * Baby Mobile * Loop for hanging  * Handmade * 0.1kg AMERICAN BRAND - Sparkle Being is a family-run business based in Atlanta that sells quality goods for Mom, Baby, and Home. Our promise to you: beautifully made products for you and your loved ones to spark joy in everyday life.