Dig A Dino Kit

$ 6.00

The YAY! Dig A Dino Kit includes 1 plaster block, 1 detailed dinosaur model, a digging stick and brush, and instructions. This DIY activity contains plastic figurines designed with exquisite details. Comes in solid red, blue, or green. Dinosaur options include a t-rex, velociraptor, triceratops, stegosaurus, brachiosaurus, or a parasaurolophus. Each Dig A Dino Kit comes packaged on a yellow and black peggable blister card. Get an assortment of 4 to hang on shelves for quick grabbing. • Age Grade: 5+ • Product Dimensions/Weight: 5.8 L x 1.3 W x 6.8 H / 0.2 lb • Inner Pack Dimensions/Weight: 8.4 L x 6.2 W x 3.2 H / 1.0 lb • Made In: China • Batteries not required

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